1. Citizen familiarize mandatory information on the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on foreign labor migration, the order of exit and entry into the Republic of Belarus, the legal provisions of the state of employment in the field of external labor migration.

2. A citizen shall sign an annex to the contract on the promotion of employment containing a list of all legal documents relating to the external labor migration.

3. Citizen familiarize with the prerequisites for the conclusion of the labor contract, which is a mandatory attachment to the contract on the promotion of employment and sign it if he/she agree with its content.

4. Citizen familiarize and sign applicant form if he/she agree with its content (a mandatory attachment to the promotion of employment).

5. Citizen enters into an agreement with the assistance of employment with PMUE IKRON.

6. Citizen provides all the necessary documents for submission to PMUE IKRON and, if necessary, take part in an interview with the foreign employer.

7. Citizen concludes employment contract with the foreign employer in the case of a positive decision of a foreign employer and the agreement on employment of the candidate.

8. Candidate prepares all the papers that he/she would need to travel to the State of employment: obtains a visa, enters into a contract of health insurance, as well as requests a certificate of tax residency of the Republic of Belarus (Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties) at the place of registration.

9. Candidate emigrant worker can leave for the state of employment only after receiving a copy of the contract, duly registered in the department of Citizenship and Migration.

10. Candidate emigrant worker arrives to the specified (in the employment) contract place of work and within one day from the date of arrival, it is mandatory to notify PMUE IKRON about arrival to the place of employment.

11. Within one day from the date of return upon the expiration of the contract or in the event of early (before the expiry of an employment contract) return to the Republic of Belarus candidate emigrant worker notify PMUE IKRON.

12. Candidate pays for the cost of services of PMUE IKRON in accordance with the terms of the contract.

A special permit (license) for the right to carry out activities related to employment outside the Republic of Belarus number 33030/1744, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, July 8, 2016