Dear colleagues,
PMUE IKRON offer you for a particular fee to provide the selection of qualified staff in the territory of the Republic of Belarus in all possible legal spheres and professions required, including:

- Search for potential candidates for employment under the terms of our client, an integral part of cooperation, which will be the signing of the employment contract;

- To conduct preliminary talks with potential candidates for our client’s vacant positions, with the aim of introducing complete and reliable conditions of employment and explaining candidate’s citizen rights;

- Create a database of candidates waiting for employment for client;

- Align customer profile with candidate for employment;

- To sign an employment contract concluded between our client and potential candidate on behalf of our client;

- Monitor the implementation of the signed agreements.

Our activities are carried out under the terms of our client paying a one-time fee to the company IKRON. This fee is based on each individual employment contract concluded between our client and candidate in the amount specified individually for each candidate.

In addition, the company IKRON in agreement with our client can be compensated for the activities related to the dissemination of information on our client’s current job openings.

A special permit (license) for the right to carry out activities related to employment outside the Republic of Belarus number 33030/1744, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, July 8, 2016