Dear colleagues,
Private Merchant Unitary Enterprise IKRON (PMUE IKRON) offers to perform for you, as for our customer, intermediary services related to the sale of goods in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, including:

- Search and identification of counterparties who are interested in purchasing our client's goods;

- Establishing and maintaining continuous cooperation with partners in selected countries;

- Negotiating with the counterparty, discussion of conditions of cooperation based on the goals of our clients;

- Certification of our client’s goods and products, if necessary;

- Monitoring the implementation of the terms of cooperation between our customers and counterparties;

- Analysis of the performance of counterparty's sales by product groups and areas (key customers);

- Organization and implementation of the reporting system, according to our client's standards;

- The adoption of measures in case of failure or improper performance of the terms of contract concluded with our client;

- Monitoring and analysis of the market and industry segment, requested by our client;

- Assistance and participation in the event of a complaint of the goods;

- Informing about loss of liquidity or insolvency problems of proposed counterparties;

- Information on any constraints that affect the performance of the contracts.

Our actions will be performed on the conditions of remuneration that would be discussed with our client. Commission amount will depend on the sales of our customers goods implemented to selected contractors, represented by our company.

Subject to payment of compensation in one-time sum may be reduced by the lump-sum grant, which the parties can agree in the agency contract.

A special permit (license) for the right to carry out activities related to employment outside the Republic of Belarus number 33030/1744, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, July 8, 2016